Cozy Cat
Veterinary Hospital

For your special cat...


Please call our hospital at 571-9007 to schedule an appointment for your cozy cat. We will be happy to contact your previous veterinary clinic and request medical records and vaccination histories for your Pam_small.jpgcat. They can be faxed to our hospital and reviewed by our technicians and veterinarian.

If your cat is being vaccinated with an examination, we recommend that you bring a fecal sample to the appointment. This is done by simply obtaining a fresh stool sample from your cat's litter pan. This eliminates the need to obtain a sample in the exam room, thus making your cat's visit to Cozy Cat Veterinary Hospital less stressful and more pleasant.

For your cat's safety during the trip to our hospital, we recommend that you transport your cat in a carrier. If you do not own a carrier and would like to purchase an inexpensive one before your cat's appointment, we have cardboard carriers available.

For emergencies please call Dr. Taber at 919-795-3933. There will be times when Dr. Taber is not available. In this situation, please call Animal Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care at 919-781-5145 . You may request that your cat be transferred back to Cozy Cat Veterinary Hospital for follow-up.