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Meet Our Veterinarians


Dr. Kathi Taber has been a small animal veterinarian for 31 years. She is an experienced surgeon and diagnostician and has a special interest in feline behavior consultation. She graduated from The University of Tennessee with a degree in Veterinary Medicine.

Dr. Taber shares her home with her two boys, David and Lukas as well as two cat family members, Lion and Flower, the rambunctious youngsters, and her newest addition is Hurricane, a Siamese named after the Carolina Hurricanes. The cats are definitely in charge!!

colleen_small.jpg Dr. Colleen Wallace graduated from the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine in 2004. It has always been her ambition to be a cat-only veterinarian. She shares her home with 3 cats, Lucrezia, Mimi and Cosimo di Medici. Dr. Wallace is the Medical Director and a regular volunteer spay vet for Operation Catnip; a community service that provides free spaying and neutering for feral cats in the Wake County area.

Meet Our Technicians

 dava.jpg Dava joined Cozy Cat in August 2010. She has been a registered veterinary technician for 33 years. She has worked in mixed practices, ophthalmology practice and now cat-only practice. She has 2 cats, BJ, and Fancy, who she adopted from Cozy Cat last year.


 Kaitlin Hester  Kaitlin has been with us since 2015.  She is attending NCSU and looking foreard to getting her degree and start working with reptiles.  She has 4 cats, 2 snakes and a bearded dragon.
 Beth Cannon  Beth joined us in August 2016.  She has been a registered veterinary technician for 9 yeasr. She has cats dogs and horses.
Alex DiGiacomo   Alex joined our practice in August 2016.
Paige Davis   Paige joined our practice in September 2016.

 Office Manager

 pamhead_small.jpg Pam came aboard as our receptionist in November of 2002, but is now our office manager. She greets each cat with a smile and a hello in the mornings as soon as they walk in the door.


 Tracy Knight  
 Shelly Sincoskie  

Office Cat

 sally_2_opt.jpg   Sally came to us in 2009 after the owner could not take care of her.   She will be 13 yrs old in March and loves to be up front seeing the clients.  Her job is to watch birds, squirrels, eat and sleep.  It is a tough job but she works hard at it.  She also enjoys posting to her  facebook page. She would love for you to check it out.