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camera photo contest See all of the awesome submissions from Cozy Cat Veterinary Hospital's Photo Contest on our Facebook page!

Thank you to everyone who sent in photos and huge congratulations to all of our winners. Your kitties are puuur-fect!

Best Eyes
1. Johnny Orsini
2. Buddy Parks
3. Lilly Sullins


Best Whiskers
1. Nika Plucinski
2. Bijou BastressGeorge
3. Michael Benson


Cutest/ Funniest
1. Cielo Vandenboom
2. Ally Cardwell
3. Portia Belinsky

Best Friends
1. Journey and Sailor Franklin
2. Tally and Jackson Choi/Young
3. Tom Collins and Jupiter McClure

   Best Hiding Place
1. Van Gogh Strickland
2. Amber Messer
3. Molly Cardwell & Fuschia Vandenboom (co-winners)
4. Cardwell / Vandenboom