We offer feline laser therapy!

SPCA Spays and Neuters will now be done once a month on a Wednesday.

Dates for surgeries are as follows (limited to 3 spays a day):

• April 24, 2019
• May 22nd, 2019
• June 19th, 2019
• July 17th, 2019
• August 14th, 2019
• Sept 11th 2019
• Oct 9th 2019
• Nov 6th 2019
• Dec 4th 2019

On all SPCA Spays, there will be an added charge for pain control in surgery and in heat or pregnancy charge. Also, if an animal comes in with fleas or flea dirt, they will need to be treated with Capstar (flea pill) at the time of entering our hospital, and there will be an added charge.

SPCA Neuters will have an added charge for pain control in surgery.

Additional charges for pre-surgical blood work, to go home pain meds, topical flea medication, or e- collar are optional, but if requested, there is an additional charge.