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It is with a great deal of ambivalence that we announce the retirement of Dr. Kathi Taber, effective March 28, 2019.

On one hand, we're saddened that she's hanging up her stethoscope after practicing for almost 40 years but on the other, we're happy that she'll have time to pursue other interests.

Dr. Taber has been a constant presence in the community since she founded Cozy Cat Veterinary Hospital in 2001 and it will be difficult to imagine the practice without her. Over the years, she has made a positive impact on the lives of countless cats (and their people) and leaves behind a legacy that she can forever be proud of.

She wants to thank her clients for their endless support and trust over the years. She will miss them - and every one of her patients - very much. 

Her colleagues, clients, and friends wish her all the best as she transitions into the next phase of her life.